About Me

My name is Dave Bechberger and I am a technology enthusiast with a passion for architecting and constructing high performance low latency data architectures in complex data domains.

I am also an author of the upcoming book from Manning publications: Graph Databases in Action.

I currently work in the Global Graph Practice at DataStax where I help customers buildĀ  the largest distributed graph backed applications in the world. Previously I was the Chief Architect at Gene by Gene, a genetic genealogy and bioinformatics company, where I worked to migrate their legacy technology stack to modern technologies including heavy use of graph databases and Cassandra.

Dave has spent his career engaging in full-stack software development in complex data domains such as bioinformatics, oil, and gas, supply chain management, etc. He uses his knowledge of graph and other big data technologies to build out highly performant and scalable systems. Dave has previously spoken at a variety of national and international technical conferences including NDC Oslo, NDC London, as well as previous GraphDay conferences in Texas, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Please feel free to follow me at on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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