Recent Presentations

Below is a list of my most recent public presentations.  I have provided links to the slides/videos where publicly available:

April 2018

Distributed Data Show Episode 41 – Graph based Genealogy with Dave Bechberger

January 2018

GraphDay Texas – Improving Graph Based Entity Resolution with NLP and Data Mining Techniques

October 2017

GraphDay Seattle – Graph Analytics for Fun and Profit

January 2017

NDC London – What are Graph Databases and Why Should I care? 

Graph Day Texas – Moving your data to graph

July 2016

Continuous Discussions #c9d9 – DevOps and Security

June 2016

NDC Oslo – Performance is not an Option, building high performance web service with gRPC and Cassandra  

May 2016

Big Data Day – Dallas – Getting More “Edge”y Big Data with Graph Databases